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Terms and conditions

We wont do that long, nobody read terms and conditions, so here is few that we can think for now, we hope you will respect the project and wont do any harm:

  • All donations are not refundable and please do so only if you have extra to give.
  • Please make sure the wallet and address used is compatible with the donation either receiving or giving it.
  • Any harm done because of misuse of donation is not in platform responsibility.  
  • Every donation taken is the user responsibility to make the world a better place.
  • Taking this money mean you agree to maximize it usage by doing good thing for oneself and community.  
  • The art value depends on the marketplace but for the community it is a badge of honor for your contribution to the world. 
  • The art will have 10% royalty value.
  • The platform will take 2% of the donation to cover for expenses.