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Introduction to project


Introduction to project

One of the main causes of poverty is corruption. The corruption inside the government, and other corporations are so cancerous. Not just they don't do good for people, they drag others together with them, making doing any goods difficult. 

This project's intention is to enable people to get donations without going through difficult processes and any organization. 1 dollar in the United States might not be much but if it is given to a 3rd world country they can eat up to 4 times. Thanks to blockchain we are now able to feed some people in other places of the world without much process which consumes a lot of resources.

How the project work

  1. The receiver can register to receive the fund on the website. 
  2. The donor will donate any amount he wants either directly to the smart contract or from the website.
  3. After 24 hours and a certain threshold of donation inside the smart contract, the fund can be released, distributing the fund to everyone that registers as receiver. 
  4. 2% of the fund will go to the organization account for the project maintenance and improvement. 
  5. The most donation for the day, month and year will receive a drop of exclusive NFT ( see introduction to nft to learn more).
  6. The project will be improvised from time to time to make sure all parties involved are satisfied ( but the smart contract will never be improvised ).