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Not regular world

Donation using blockchain

Donate and earn NFT. Using blockchain we can distribute our wealth efficiently and faster without having to got through governments and various entities. We can easily eliminate the middleman and deliver the wealth directly to people who need it. Read about the project here.
Demo contract (mumbai testnet): 0xe08a093b81dd6552F569099Cd3e28Ce590a8E88C

Project Roadmap

March 2022

Introduction to project

Project is introduced to the community

Online Teaching
April 2022

Introduction of nft

Nft misson, visson and roadmap is presented.

Higher Education
June 2022

NRW nft minting

Minting of this year NFT.

Student Training
Aug 2022

Beta test launch

First launch of the project to be used and tested.

Join the community

This project main purpose is to help the earth society without any discrimination and we belive you can help the cause eihter suggesting idea, engaging in conversation or simply there and listining.
We need to help each other.

What is this project?

This project allow giving donation easier and faster. Using smart contract and blockchain technology, we let anybody donate coins to the smart contract and then release it to the receiver who is anyone that register themself. Anyone can become a donor or receiver. Read more here

Why this project exists ?

Current donation system needs to go through a lot of corporate process and regulation which costs the donation money. It is the worst in certain countries that have corrupted people running it. All money is sucked by the left, nothing for the real reciever. Notregularworld utilises the blockchain technology so the donation can be done straight to the receiver and anybody can register to be a receiver. 1 US dollar value is different in different countries. For a harder to live country the 1 dollar could mean a 4 day meal. Read more here.

What is the mission of the project?

The mission of the project is to give the web3/blockchain community a chance to minimise world hunger and make the world a better place in general. We genuinely believe the community can make some huge changes to the world.

How nft is helping ?

Nft is a badge of honour to the donors and also a tradable unique collectables. Read more here.

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